Eldorado A/S is one of Scandinavia’s leading service and sourcing companies within the pet and equine industry. The Eldorado group employs 60 employees and offers a complete product range within pet, aquaristics and equestrian equipment.  


Orders received before 2 pm are normally sent out within 24 hours. Longer delivery times must be expected in connection with public holidays and holiday periods.



These prices apply only for equine orders







Freight free limit

800 €

800 €

800 €


350 €

Price per package

12 €

17 €

17 €

19 €

7,9 €

Price per pallet

68 €

93 €


93 €

68 €

Custom clearance


21 €




maximum package size of 30 kg and maximum 0.25 m3 For orders below 140 EUR, a fee of 10 EUR is charged.

For freight prices for other countries please contact our sales office.  


Freight for pet orders

Freight prices are calculated individually and according to order size and destination. Please contact our sales office for the correct freight prices.


If a credit agreement has been made with Eldorado’s financial department the payment terms are as follows: 8 days -1% calculated from the invoice date, or current month + 20 days. 

If a payment reminder is necessary, a fee of 10 EUR is charged.


Calculation of interest                                     

In the event of late payment, 2% interest per month or part thereof is calculated automatically.

Payments received will first be used to settle any interest due. The interest rate will be stated on the invoice.


Returned goods

As a general rule, purchased goods cannot be returned.

Incorrect deliveries can be returned within 14 days from the invoice date, and only by agreement with Eldorado's sales office concerning return carriage. If items are returned without a return carriage agreement, this will be at the customer’s expense. The recipient is responsible for checking any new item for any faults and defects on delivery, before it is displayed on a shelf in the shop. If the item is faulty or defective, it must be returned within 14 days  from the invoice date. The item and original packaging must be undamaged and without price labels, address   labels, tape or similar. If the packaging is not intact, this will entail a deduction of 20% from the net price. The return of special-order goods is not accepted. The blue return slip (can be requested from Eldorado) must be completed with order number, item number, reason for the return and the end consumer's customer-ID and name. This also applies even if a prior agreement has been made and collection of the item has been ordered. If the return slip is missing, the item will be returned to the customer.



In the event of a complaint, Eldorado's sales office must be contacted before the item is returned. An agreement between the customer and the sales office will be made on how to solve the claim. In the case a product will be returned to Eldorado the blue return slip must be completed with order number, item number, reason for the return and the end consumer's customer-ID and name.

In the event of a complaint, the end-consumer must always contact the shop where the item was purchased. The receipt of purchase, or a copy thereof, must be presented. By returns to Eldorado the item must be returned in a clean condition and the receipt of purchase, or a copy thereof, must follow the item together with the blue return slip.                                                                                    

The shop always has a duty to assess whether a complaint is justified. It must be considered whether the complaint has been made within the guarantee period, whether the defect is due to normal wear and tear, whether the item  has been handled too roughly, or whether a lack of maintenance has contributed to the defect. In the event of  doubt, Eldorado's sales office can be contacted.

If the aforementioned is not complied with, Eldorado reserves the right to refuse the compliant or the returned item, and to return the item at the expense of the shop. If the complaint is accepted, the item will be repaired or replaced with a new item of the same type, as far as possible. If an item has been discontinued, a credit note for the amount will be given. A processing time of up to 3 weeks must be expected.


Transport damage, etc.                      

In the event of transport damage, the shop must immediately contact the party responsible for transport (post, rail, or carrier). Eldorado is not able to claim compensation for transport damage if the item is returned to Eldorado. Items that are damaged during transport may therefore not be returned to Eldorado unless this has been agreed  with the carrier. Any complaint must always be made by the recipient.

If you have any questions to the general terms please contact our sales office. T.: +45 7452 0888 or mail@eldorado.dk 


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